Bean bags may seem childish at the start but right now, these things can go head to head with regular home furniture.
In fact, the bean bags are no longer a childish object because today, the chairs are used in modern homes, replacing some of the modern home fixtures.

The bean bags today are designed to fit modern taste of consumers which is why some modern households welcome bean bags in their homes. Today however, bean bags are also used in different places because the chairs have become versatile. Below are places that you will find bean bags lying around.

Bean Bags in Coffee Shops

Bean bags are now used in coffee shops. It is because the chairs are ideal for lounging which is common in these establishments. Inside coffee shops, relaxation is the primary focus and this is the primarily the foremost function of bean bags. As such, there are coffee shops that use bean bag chairs as seating components because these allow customers to relax and lounge some more. Apart from comfort, bean bags today possess an ultra classy design which makes them perfect fit for classy coffee shops.

Bean Bags in Pool Resorts

Bean bags are also used in swimming pool facilities and resorts. As stated, the bean bags are objects of rest and relaxation which is why they are the perfect objects to use in these areas. The chairs can be used near the pool area since they are now made from water proof fabric. Guests can now lounge on these ultra classy lounge chairs even if they are wet. The chairs can stay dry because of the waterproof upholstery.

Bean Bags in Book Stores

Bean bag chairs are also incorporated in book stores. Meanwhile, the chairs are also used in many public libraries. The chairs are placed in free reading areas. This is to attract readers to read and buy the book. In libraries, lounge areas with bean bags attract more people to grab a book. It is because, it is more fun to read a book if you are sitting comfortably on a bean bag chair.

Bean Bags in Hotels

As of now, there are hotels and similar establishments that use bean bags inside guest rooms and even in reception areas. This is due to the fact that bean bags are quite popular among people right now that they easily welcome the presence of bean bags in these establishments. To conclude, bean bags are no longer limited to households. Right now, there are several establishments that use bean bags to entice clients.

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4/3/2015 06:16:24 am

I like the idea of using bean bags around swimming pools. What a great idea. You can get waterproof ones and they are so comfy. Great for sunbathing on.


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