PictureGiant Bean Bag Chairs
Bean bags are fast becoming popular home fixtures due to the wonderful benefits innate in these furniture pieces. Consumers buy bean bag chairs for their benefits. One advantage is that bean bags are affordable than regular furniture sets. In addition, bean bag chairs provide a safe environment around the house. Kids will not hurt themselves if they accidentally bump these cushy chairs. Indeed bean bags are good around the house. As such, it is only right to take good care of the bags to prolong their service life. Below are proper ways to use bean bags. It is important that you regularly clean and maintain the bags to enjoy the benefits.

Cleaning the Upholstery

It is important to clean the upholstery of the bean bags because this is where dirt and grime usually accumulates over time. Meanwhile, moist can affect bean bags too especially if we put these things near wet places such as near the pool. Cleaning the bean bag depends on the type of upholstery used on the surface. For leather bean bag chairs, it must be cleaned using a special solution. Cleaning solutions used in leather shoes and similar items are perfect for leather bean bags. For suede, stains must be wiped using a damp cloth dipped in detergent solution. As for vinyl bean bags, you must never wash the case because it will sustain scratch marks. For stains, you just wipe the vinyl bean bag with cotton ball dipped in warm water with liquid detergent. What’s washable are those bean bags made from nylon and cotton because they are machine washable.

Proper Usage of Bean Bags

One of the advantages of bean bags is that they are naturally durable. However, they still require proper usage in order to last long. This is to lengthen the service life so we can continue to take advantage from the benefits of bean bag chairs. Carrying the bags instead of dragging them will guarantee a scratch-free bag. In addition, avoid sitting on the bean bag if you have pointy objects inside your back pocket. Remove car keys, pens, and other pointy things to avoid puncturing or scratching the upholstery.

Changing the Components

To retain the softness of the bean bag chairs or Giant Bean Bag Chairs, you need to replace the inside with polypropylene pellets or beans. You will know when to fill the bag with new batch of polypropylene if the bag looks deflated or it is no longer comfortable to sit on.

4/2/2015 06:17:38 am

These giant bean bag chairs are really cool. They are absolutely massive.I would love to have one of these bad boys at home.

4/2/2015 06:20:24 am

These giant bean bags are awesome. Great tips on how bean bags are better and safer to use around the home other than other furniture. They do last a long time too. Every house should have a bean bag in it.


Good tips on how to make your bean bag stand the test of time. I really like to buy the giant waterproof bean bags because the material is so much more hard wearing than faux leather and faux suede, lasts a lot longer, it's a must with kids in the house.


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